Uploading presentations

Here you can upload your presentation. For uploading please choose the right session name where you are going to present your talk. This link brings you to the log-in page where you have to use the password that was sent to you by conference secretariat in information-letter. After logging in, you can upload your file. Please make sure your name is included in the name of this file.

If you are keynote lecturer, link to your upload page is here.

If you give invited or contributed talk, your upload links are in the table below. To look up your session name and time please see the session overviews: invited sessions or contributed sessions.



Session C1:  Hypotheses and tests
Session C2:  Stochastic processes

Session   I8:   Functional data analysis
Session I10:   Statistics for manifold data

16:00Session C3:  Population and meta-statistics
Session C4:  Change-point analysis and time-series

Session   I6:   On estimation in general multivariate models
Session I13:   Topics in financial mathematics
11:30Session C5:  Graphical models
Session C6:  Distributions in statistics

Session I4:  Advances in causal inference
Session I9:  Discrete probability theory
11:30Session C7:  Bayesian methods and MCMC
Session C8:  Model selection and actuarial mathematics  
Session I2:  Statistical inference for stochastic differential equations
Session I3:  Computational Bayesian statistics
14:00Session   C9:  Statistical theory and multivariate statistics
Session C10:  Maximum likelihood analysis

Session   I1:   Statistical network analysis
Session I11:   Teaching and communicating statistics
16:00Session C11:  Miscellaneous topics in statistics

Session   I7:   Applications in spatial and spatio-temporal statistics
Session I12:   Actuarial mathematics
11:30Session C12:  Random fields and spacial modelling
Session C13:  Non-parametric statistics

Session  I5:  Recent advances in confidence distributions and fiducial inference