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Tartu is situated in Southern Estonia and has direct flight connection to Helsinki. But you can also travel to Tartu through Tallinn (approx 185 km from Tartu) and Riga (approx 250 km from Tartu).

  • Tartu Airport: Helsinki-Tartu flights are operated by Finnair once a day six days a week. Airport is located about 10 km from the city centre and you can use a taxi to get to the city. Taxi can be ordered while on board by informing the flight attendant.

  • Lennart Meri Airport in Tallinn offers connections to various countries.  To travel from Tallinn to Tartu you can use bus or train. 

    • Most of Tallinn-Tartu express couches stop at the airport (the bus stop situated just outside the arrivals door on the ground floor). It is advisable to a buy ticket beforehand as the buses tend to be full.  For bus timetables and online ticket purchase see At the airport Tallinn-Tartu bus tickets can also be bought at self-service ticket dispenser.  There are more Tallinn-Tartu couches departing from Tallinn Couch Station (see timetable). The bus trip from Tallinn to Tartu takes about 2.5 hours. Tartu Coach Station is located in the city centre next to Dorpat  Convention Centre.

    • Train traffic between Tallinn and Tartu is not so frequent. There are about 9 connection per day ( The nearest train station to Tallinn Airport is 'Ülemiste' (see map). Train ticketes can be bought online or on train. The journey to Tartu lasts 2 to 2.5 hours. The Train Station in Tartu is within 25 minutes walking distance of the city centre and conference venue.

    • If your plane arrives to Tallinn during night and there is no regular bus services available at that time, you can order AirportShuttle service from Tartu. NB! You have to make your order in advance (see Tartaline OÜ).

  • Riga's International Airport has connections to 74 destinations. Riga's airport is connected with Tartu through Lux Express buses (, the bus journey to Tartu takes about 4.5 to 5 hours.

  • From Stockholm and Helsinki, there are good ferry connections to Tallinn (see,

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