Contributed sessions

Here is a table of contributed talk sessions. Contributed talk sessions take place in rooms called Parrot, Peterson and Baer.

You can see all the abstracts of presentations here.

Session C1Hypotheses and tests
Chair: Mare Vähi


Michael Baron  Stepwise, minimax, and weighted methods for sequential tests of multiple hypotheses
Juris Breidaks  At-risk-of-poverty rate variance estimations using Gaussian kernel and smoothing splines in R package vardpoor
Søren Højsgaard  Inference in mixed models in R - beyond the usual asymptotic likelihood ratio test

Session C2Stochastic processes
Chair: Raul Kangro

Emil Aas Stoltenberg  Models and inference for on-off data via clipped Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes
Abhishek Pal Majumder  Exact long term descriptions of diffusions under Markovian switching
Stepan Mazur  Singular matrix-variate gamma distribution
Sari Lasanen Cauchy difference priors for edge-preserving Bayesian estimation in inverse problems

 Session C3Population and meta-statistics
Chair: Imbi Traat
ParrotHelle Visk  Index-based methodology in population statistics
Jurgita Markevičiūtė  The relationship between VAT GAP and macroeconomic indicators
Marcus Westerberg  The simulation of prostate cancer prevalence
Jonas Moss  A Bayesian meta-analysis method that corrects for publication bias

Session C4Change-point analysis and time-series
Chair: Petr Lachout
PetersonGebrenegus Ghilagaber  Bayesian change-point modelling of the effects of 3-points-for-a-win rule in football
Emanuele Gramuglia  A fault prediction method for temporal data
Gunnar Rosenqvist  Modelling ultra-high frequency trade durations with the ACD model
Šárka Hudecová  Detection of changes in time series of counts
Session C5Graphical models
Chair: Tatjana von Rosen
ParrotJoona Karjalainen  Parameter estimators of sparse random intersection graphs with thinned communities
Priyantha Wijayatunga  Resolving the Lord’s paradox with predictive and causal arguments
Petr Lachout  Stochastic optimization program with random decision points  
Tatjana Pavlenko  Graphical posterior predictive classifier: Bayesian model averaging using sequential Monte Carlo methods

Session C6Distributions in statistics
Chair: Meelis Käärik
PetersonAnnika Krutto  On empirical cumulant function based estimation in stable laws
John P. Nolan  A measure of dependence for multivariate stable distributions
Alexander Andronov  On a parametrical estimation for a convolution of exponential densities
Igor V. Zolotukhin  On generalized multivariate Linnik distribution
Session C7Bayesian methods and MCMC
Chair: Märt Möls
ParrotAliaksandr Hubin  Deep Bayesian regression models
Benjamin Christoffersen  Discrete state space models in survival analysis: a particle filter application
Gudmund Hermansen  Peacekeeping Operations and the intensity of violence in internal armed conflicts
Øyvind Hoveid  Hard functional parameter constraints in Bayesian estimation of economic models

Session C8Model selection and actuarial mathematics
Chair: Tatjana Pavlenko
PetersonNiels Richard Hansen  Post-selection inference: risk estimation after data-driven model selection
Vinnie Ko  Focused information criterion for copula
Farrukh Javed  Fourth cumulant for multivariate aggregate claim models
Meelis Käärik  Lambert W random variables as a tool for skewing distributions
Session C9Statistical theory and multivariate statistics
Chair: Kristi Kuljus
ParrotDietrich von Rosen  Mixed linear models with latent variables
Silvelyn Zwanzig  On generalized total least squares estimators for big errors-in-variables models
Magnus Ekström  A class of asymptotically efficient estimators based on sample spaceing
Jovita Gudan  Functional approach to modelling of daily tax revenues

Session C10Maximum likelihood analysis
Chair: Daniel Hlubinka
PetersonRiccardo De Bin  On the equivalence between conditional and random-effects likelihoods in exponential families
Marco Loog  Missing data and the maximum contrastive pessimistic likelihood
Leonora Pahirko  Empirical likelihood method for two-sample censored data
Janis Valeinis  Empirical likelihood for some robust methods
Session C11Miscellaneous topics in statistics
Chair: Janis Valeinis
PetersonKajsa Møllersen  Statistics without mathematics
Tom Britton  Statistical challenges when analysing emerging epidemic outbreaks
Per Westerlund  Prediction of high current for thermography in maintenance of electrical networks
Søren Højsgaard  Bayesian networks with likelihood evidence in R

Session C12Random fields and spacial modelling
Chair: Johan Lindström
BaerLina Dreižienė  Linear discriminant analysis of spatial Gaussian data
Eirik Myrvoll-Nilsen  Modeling global surface temperatures in terms of climate forcing and a long-memory stochastic process
Sigrunn Holbek Sørbye  Careful prior specification avoids incautious inference for log-Gaussian Cox point processes
Ivar Simonsson   Exact inference on Bayesian networks including gamma distributed variables

Session C13Non-parametric statistics
Chair: Annika Tillander
PetersonDaniel Hlubinka  Localization of halfspace depth
Martin Kroll  Rate optimal estimation of quadratic functionals in inverse problems with partially known operator
Rolf Larsson  Confidence intervals for ranks
Natalja Stepanova  On application of weighted Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistics to the problems of signal detection and classification in sparse models